May 02, 2020

Living The Paris Dream

My first international experience, EVER. Being a middle class Indian I always only dreamt of international places, about visiting or living in a beautiful landscape. But guess what? Here I am in Paris, actually living my dream. Let me tell you about how it all happened.

Living The Paris Dream


So I was all dressed, getting my hair and make-up done for my aunt’s sangeet function, when I received the approval of my student visa. It was, I can say, a dream come true for me and also my family. It was the very next day that I had to leave for Paris, so as to start college in time. It was the first time that I was travelling so far, alone, without my family or friends, to start a new phase of life, on my own.

As I came out of the CDG airport and was on my way home, I was looking around like a small child in awe, at the beautiful clouds and the alluring scenario. It took me a few days to realise that I actually was in PARIS, studying my Master’s degree and that I was ‘Living the dream’.

I would be writing more about my journey here. Do let me know how do you find it by connecting over email or on instagram.